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Pastel Class Starting Soon!

I will be teaching the Landscape in Pastel class at the Clinton Art Center, starting Wednesday, March 13th! We are looking for two more students to fill out the class roster. Click here for more information about the class.

Students will complete 1-2 paintings during the four week class of approximately "9x12" in size. Many of the techniques discussed on this blog will be reviewed, including underpainting, creating varied edges and blending techniques, and more.

The two paintings below have been juried into the Spring AAWA exhibit to be held at Mallet Creek Library in Ann Arbor in April. "Way Up North on Long Lake" below, addresses the creation of landscape "planes" through muted color and softened edges, contrasting starkly with foreground local color, techniques which will be discussed in class.

The next painting, "Huron River at Gallup Park," used a complementary color underpainting to enhance the colors of early autumn.

I hope you can join us at the Clinton Art Center to learn more about these techniques and to have fun! Below is a quick painting done as a demo on "Art Night" at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Saline. Spectators will recall that the deep green foliage on the left, as well as the front row of corn stalks, were underpainted in red and orange to help the pastel color "pop."

Hope to see you in Clinton!

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