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Off the Beaten Path

Hocking Hills State Park is a wonderful landscape to explore in Logan, Ohio, a bit south of Columbus. The landscape is similar to Hoosier National Forest which I hiked in early 2020. "Hocking Hills Hike" is a 9x12 pastel on Uart 400 pastel paper.

There's a bit of abstract in this painting, not to mention a touch of wild color. Rocks are one of my favorite painting subjects, and they come in a variety of colors based on the minerals that they contain.

I applied a bold blue acrylic underpainting, portions of which can be seen peaking from beneath the layers of pastel. I was attracted to the emerald green pool of water beneath the small waterfalls. To kick up the color, I broke out my pink pastels to a bit of spice to the rocky landscape.

"Hocking Hills Hike" is available for purchase in my online shop. Visit my StudioSense YouTube channel for my latest full-length pastel painting demo, "Corona Arch Sunrise."

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