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I recall the time when I had shared a hiking trail with my family in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The dense, rocky forest littered with rhododendrons in early bloom evoked precious memories captured in my landscape art. My pastel paintings proudly hang in the homes of outdoor enthusiasts who have traveled throughout the world and have enjoyed hiking, backpacking, or simply walking the paths of nature's beauty.


We are often too busy with our daily lives to stop and spend time appreciating nature and the varied landscapes that it offers. 


Although weather, seasons, and climate change alter the natural environment, a landscape painting never changes. My pastel paintings capture, forever, the awe and majesty of the natural subject at hand. As an artist, I portray what otherwise no one may ever see. 

My favorite subjects capture scenes that many of us have witnessed during our outdoor adventures: waterfalls, woodland paths, mountains, cliffs, the ocean, sand dunes, and so much more.


Bob Palmerton.jpg

My art is done in soft pastel on sanded archival pastel paper. Most of my paintings are 9x12 and are displayed very effectively on partition walls, fitting nicely in entry ways, bedrooms, or an office.  Several pastels can be grouped together on a larger wall based on themes such as the four seasons, or a particular color scheme.


With my art, I want to preserve the essence of the landscape and of our fragile natural environment.  To capture its exhilarating aspects, its chaos, its beauty, and the sublime.  Through my painting, I hope that the beauty and drama of the landscape can inspire each of us to embrace the outdoors and to enjoy the continuous learning and small surprises that nature presents. 

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