Upcoming Workshops in 2022!

Introducing StudioSense on YouTube!

StudioSense YouTube channel features short pastel lesson "nuggets" for aspiring and experienced pastelists seeking quick tips and short demos. Click on the link below to access StudioSense


Clarity of Light: A Luminist's Approach (Closed)

Virtual Pastel Workshop

Mondays, April 4,11 and 18, 2022. 1.5 hours each day

Capture the brilliance of the luminist landscape in this three-session workshop. Students will learn to enhance daylight scenarios to create powerful visual impacts. Experience the luminosity expressed by the Hudson River School, including Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Cole, 


This workshop will have live and recorded segments. Homework assignments will be critiqued and individual coaching will be included.  Minimum 10 students. Email here to reserve a place in the class.  Click here for more information.








Enhanced Landscapes in Pastel

Virtual Pastel Workshop

June 8, 13, 20, 2022. 1.5 hours each day

My signature class adapted from live in-class sessions at art centers in Southeast Michigan.  This workshop will enable students to create unique, contemplative landscape paintings.  Emphasis will be on developing atmospheric impacts, including the creation of depth and distance with layering and lighting effects.

Pastel painting techniques covered in the workshop will include preparing a base under-painting, enhancing color depth through multiple hues of similar value, found and lost edges, and various pastel stroke methods such as layering, blending and scumbling.

Students are expected to have experience in drawing or painting, such as with other mediums including pencil, watercolor, oil or acrylics.  Participants may choose any subject to paint and will be expected to submit proposed reference photos prior to the start of the class.  Students will be asked to send examples of their artwork prior to the start of class.

Minimum 10 students.  Email here to reserve a place in the class and to obtain further information.

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