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Taking Notes - Work in Progress

Taking notes while studying a work in progress are an important component of a successful painting.

View your painting from a distant point in the studio. Hold a mirror up to view the painting in its reverse. You will spot potential refinements.

After paintings for 15 minutes, I pause, take a seat at the far end of my studio, and take notes. You will find that by taking notes, you will have less rework, a more focused and time-efficient painting session, and a more pleasing outcome.

After taking a few notes, I continued to modify the painting. It will be done soon.

Work-In-Progress Notes (added while contemplating the landscape).

  • Add foliage and additional branches top third of painting.

  • Further refinement of tree trunk texture: different trees yield different bark patterns and colors

  • Lower values to add to sun-drenched foliage to help highlights pop

  • Add sky more sky hues to water

  • A bit more definition in foreground, such as a large leaf or grouping of leaves

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