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Review notes: two works in progress

At any time in my studio, there can be several paintings in progress. I allow these paintings to "mellow" and take on further refinements while they exhibit in the studio.

The foreground of the above painting will remain about where it is now, with just a few more small shrubs and leaves to build the perception of depth in the deep grasses.

Next steps include finishing the background trees and horizon - essentially building more muted color in the distant tree line. This will help to contrast against the foreground tree and its canopy, which I will add later. See my blog dated October 29th for the reference photo of this scene.

The painting below references a scene from the city of Lucca, in the Tuscany region of Italy. What caught my attention was the clay roof and the shrubbery adorning the old church. The sunlight had a noticeable impact on the city, which I will highlight.

This painting is still in a rough state which will take several refinements. Architecture presents an added challenge as it entails less of the chaos of nature and more physical rules to adhere to.

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