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Pastel Painting: A dollop of effect

Working more blocks of value and color in the autumn tree painting, which i started at the Michigan Art Center landscape painting class.

In this example, most detail in the grasses and path are left out. The blocks of color and value are present, within which we can add select stalks of grass, twigs, etc.

Notice on the lower left the warm hazy look in the clump of grasses. A dollop of scumbled light value pastel was used to convey the space between the grasses. The reference photo does not show a dense outcrop but rather spaced-apart vegetation. The lighter value here helps convey that effect.

The same has been done on the right; occasional strokes of lighter green helped show the space in the shrub.

The canvas now is completely covered with its hues and values. The next step is to continue layering in detail and some atmospheric effects (perhaps a little late day haze). More to come....

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