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Pastel Painting: Complementary Color Underpainting

Here's a new painting I started today. The scene is a field off Marton Road in Pittsfield Township, MI.

I decided that I would do a pastel and alcohol underpainting using the complementary color of the orange autumn tree (blue), grassy gree field in the center (red), and for impact I decided to use purple and black underpainting for the very shady foreground and left tree line. Here is the reference photo:

The following photos are of the painting following the underpainting stage and after application of the initial pastel layer:

The sky is just about complete; using Unison lights - yellow/orange near the horizon, building up to a lght blue above.

Notice the blue behind the orange tree; the goal here is to enhance the impact of the orange.

Here you can see the red behind the green of the field:

Finally, the foreground and left tree line has a black and purple underpainting, the goal of which is to enhance the dark shade and also make the green "pop."

I limited my pallete to greens, blues and ochre/orange.

More to come!

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