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Pastel Technique: Keeping it Small and Simple

While working on another large 21x27 pastel painting, I thought I would break up my schedule with a small study.

At the same time, I wanted the painting to be simple. A composition based on a series of diagonal lines, comprising mountains, fields, tree lines and grassy areas. Cade's Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains provides the backdrop of this 5x7-size pastel painting:

What particularly impresses me about this vista (and many in that area in early April) is the bold colors of the blues in the Smoky's and the green and orange fields. This area was a popular Spring Break for my family for several years, and the hiking and mountain-top views were awesome.

As for the painting, I wanted to convey that airy atmospheric feel of the mountains, which indeed often look "smokey." There is balance among the diagonal lines and the choice of values as well as local versus distant color. My next step will be to sharpen the trees a bit more and then call it a day (or a painting).

Please visit my gallery as there are several paintings of scenes from the Great Smoky Mountains.

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