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Fall Pastel Class Announced

I'll be teaching a five-week class starting in October at the Michigan Art Center.

Enhanced Landscapes in Pastel

Wednesdays, October 11 – November 15 (skip November 1); 7-9 pm

Students will learn to create a painting using a five-step, structured approach to build efficiency into the painting process. The first two classes will be spent using a reference landscape photo provided by the instructor. Students will step through a process to complete a composition, value study, underpainting, color selection, and pastel application including lighting, atmospheric effects, and contrasts of color, value, foreground and distance. Our approach will enable the student to create an enhanced landscape above and beyond the scene depicted in the reference photo.

The remaining three classes will be spent using reference photos provided by the student to continue to apply the time-saving and enhancement techniques learned earlier. Pastel painting skills addressed in the workshop will include preparing a base toned surface in acrylic or watercolor, a secondary underpainting in pastel, enhancing color depth through multiple hues of similar value, embellishing lighting impacts, expressing contrast, and building “sharp” vs. “soft” detail.”

For more details visit the Michigan Art Center.

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