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A Long Walk to the Jetty - Pastel Painting

The spot on the beach at Breezy Point where we park our beach chairs and umbrellas, just off Marion Walk, is a long way to the Jetty.

The great distance (in reality I don't think it's quite two miles) is conveyed in this pastel painting, inspired by an early-morning stroll with my dog Cosmo. I chose to enhance the perspective of distance by minimizing the jetty and lighthouse and maximizing the sky and surf. If you've every seen the lighthouse on the jetty, it is a simple metal structure with a couple of pennant flags (I'm not even sure it has a light). No B&B at that lighthouse!

To be true to nature, I will add a few seagulls; they feast on the tiny clams that wash up onto the shore each morning.

This summer I have taken a vacation from teaching at the Michigan Art Center. I have expanded my Etsy shop and I also post paintings on Daily PaintWorks, where occasionally a painting of mine will go on auction. I must also confess that I have been dabbling in oil paints (I will post my first oil painting in 20 years on this blog soon)!

You can visit the sites on the links below. I start a new class at the Michigan Art Center in about two weeks.

Links to my online stores and the Michigan Art Center:

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