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Through the Trees - Pastel Painting

So often have I strolled through the local parks (often jogging with my dog Cosmo) and marveled at how the early morning sunlight would glow through a mass of leaves in the dense woods.

I have tried to photograph this effect, however most of the photos are typically too dark for the leaves or too bright and washed out where the peeks of sky can be seen.

So here's my pastel painting rendition of such a scene, entitled "Through the Trees."

There is not much in the way of detail here; basically splotches of varying shades of green, green-yellow and blue. You can barely make out a purple/red underpainting (in some of the gaps among the leaves). The sharpest detail is in the web of branches within the dense growth.

"Through the Trees" is about 9x10 inches in size and painted with soft pastel on Uart sanded paper.

Find this and other available paintings in my Etsy Shop.

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