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Gallery Update - Bob Palmerton Pastels

I am pleased to announce that my work has been accepted by the online art gallery Zatista. Zatista bills itself as "the leading online curated art gallery, representing the most talented established and emerging artists from around the world." I am happy to be among the 5% of artists selected to sell on Zatista. Hey, what a vote of confidence!

I'm not surprised, given the trend in bricks and mortar retail, that the online experience has infiltrated the art world.

Check out Zatista, the "premier source for original art."

Pastel Painting: Barn Clip:

I like to dig up old paintings to reminisce about the experience of creating the artwork and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Below is a painting called "Barn Clip," I painted about 12 years ago. The scene is off Willow Road in York Township, Michigan. It was a hazy, humid August morning as I rode my bike past this big red barn on the south side of Willow Road.

This was my first pastel painting created with an underpainting of the complementary colors. So, the barn was initially painted GREEN, and the grass RED. My son Matthew, who was about nine years old at the time, wondered why I painted a barn green and the grass red. I got a funny look from him!

Notice how the green ivy against the red barn "pops" in color, and small shards of green can be seen beneath the red of the barn. This is one of my favorite (and simple) paintings that truly brings out the "pure color" of pastel.

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