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LIVE from my Studio

Here's a "real-time" opportunity to catch a glimpse of my painting activities each morning. I typically spend about 2-3 hours in the early morning starting around 5 am when I am either beginning a new painting or continuing a work-in-progress,

As I like to communicate painting techniques and new paintings to my constituency via this blog. Since I don't post every nuance of artistic activity on my blog, I have initiated an Instagram account to post images.

I hope not to inundate you with snippets of art too often, but rest assured you may see a post each day.

Here's my Instagram account. Click here to follow me.

In addition to Instagram, completed paintings and blog posts are also announced on Facebook and Twitter. The links to those accounts are listed below.

Thanks for following me. I can't hide anymore!

Snowy Corn Field - Features at Great Lakes Pastel Society Member's Show

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