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Pastel Painting: Primi Piatti

Touring Lucca, Italy, a quaint, medieval walled town in Tuscany, I came across a variety of narrow streets with restaurants, 400-year old buildings, and contemporary pigeons.

This scene in particular caught my attention. As I had mentioned in my blogs before, honing in on details in a photo often reveals surprises not seen when taking the photo. In this scene, I have captured a couple approaching the restaurant just to the left of the diner at the far table. Both the couple and the diner looked at me taking the photo, based on enlarging the image. I guess I didn't know that when I snapped the photo!

I added a couple of "points of interest" in this painting that were not part of the photo. The pigeons on the lower right were "extras" in the scene. My goal there was to create an invisible diagonal line from the lower right (the pigeons), connecting the diner, the couple approaching the restaurant, and the two young adults walking on the distant street in the upper left.

Those young adults were "extras" too, and just happen to by my twin son and daughter, Matthew and Nicole. Italy was their Senior Trip in 2016, and I grabbed them from one of many other photos of our travels through Tuscany, Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

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