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Pastel Painting: Tuesday's Trillium

On a hike through a nearby nature preserve last Tuesday, I followed a woodland trail and came across newly-sprouted gatherings of "Great White Trillium." This species of Trillium huddled in shady areas near the base of trees in this wooded area of Pittsfield Township, just south of Ann Arbor, MI.

When I began to embark on the trail to the woods with my studio assistant Cosmo, a woman appeared and commented on how marvelous the Trillium were. I could not identify with a particular flower of this name, so I was rather eager to find out what the woman was marveling at.

The flowers were brilliant white in the sun, with a bluish cast in the shady areas. The early Spring greens had an almost neon vibe about them (in the painting I in fact use Jim Markle's Great American Artworks "neon" pastel stick in a few green dashes).

The pastel painting is 12x18 on Uart sanded paper, and utilized a variety of green, mauves and blues. The greens in particular are quite vibrant this time of year! Tuesday's Trillium and other paintings available for purchase can be found at our Etsy store.

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