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Pastel Painting: Resting My Wings

At Breezy Point, a beach community on the Atlantic Ocean in Queens, New York, early morning and late day brings out the most brilliant colors of the dune grasses and foliage. Vibrant greens, mauves and the deep blue of the sky tempt me to bring forth my boldest pastel hues.

You cannot see the ocean from this vantage point, which is just east of Breezy Point Boulevard, along the many sidewalks that weave through the dunes.

This pastel painting was done on Uart Grade 320 sanded paper, a more coarse surface than the 400 Grade I typically use. You can see the bolder, more impasto-like pastel strokes that result from the grittier grit of this paper.

Someday I will visit this location in the fall; most memories are of the August timeframe when painting Breezy Point scenes such as this is a welcome respite from the farms and woodlands of the Midwest.

For paintings available for purchase, visit our webpage here.

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