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Pastel Painting: Morning Snack at Wooley Park

My initial foray into plein air painting resulted in the painting below, "Wooley Park Stroll." As this painting sat in inventory I felt that some freshening-up was needed. Here is the original version:

I found that the lighting in the plein air "real world" played tricks on my approach. The colors in the field looked more vibrant outside at the park, but when I took the painting indoors, it suddenly seemed a bit drab.

So besides adding a snacking rabbit, I spruced up the colors and shifted the light source to provide highlights and shadows.

And here is the new version, with wildlife added:

I played with the colors of the tree on the left, realizing that there was way too much green in the original painting. Same goes for the grasses. So I introduced blues and purples in the shaded grassy areas. Notice I also expanded the flowering plants and lightened up the horizon a bit to contrast with the trees and to enhance the hazy atmosphere of this August day.

For paintings available for purchase, click here.

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