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Pastel Painting: Ocean Kayak, Breezy Point

Strolling along at Breezy Point on the bay, I came across this kayak awaiting its next journey in Jamaica Bay at Breezy Point, NY.

To create this painting, I decided to apply a watercolor underpainting of the OPPOSITE colors that you see here. Deploying such an approach helps the true colors to "pop."

Here is the initial sketch of this scene, with the watercolor underpainting below. The purpose of the sketch is to confirm the composition, and depict and note the values.

Here is the watercolor underpainting. Note the powerful orange of the water in the bay, and the green boat. Their complements, blue and red, will "shimmer" once the pastel is applied:

I had to Google the "opposite" of "sand color," selecting beige as the color representative of sand. Beige is a form of yellow, so purple became the chosen underpainting wash.

Note the vibrancy of the blue water, and the red ocean kayak, I particularly enjoy seeing these rickety dunes fences throughout the bayside at Breezy Point.

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