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Pastel Painting: Early Sun

This is the final version of Early Sun, a 12x12 pastel painting done on an acrylic underpainting. You can read the blog about the underpainting here.

What better frame to go with a brilliant yellow-orange theme than a black frame! Here is the framed version of the painting (please ignore the reflections; it's not easy to photograph a glass-framed painting)!

I discovered something shocking after doing this painting. The painting is based on a reference photograph I took about 15 years ago. As it turns out, I had already done a painting based on this photo about that long ago. The photo is below. This painting was juried into my first Great Lakes Pastel Exhibit, held at the Carnegie Center for the Arts in Three Rivers, MI. Even the name is similar: "Early Morning Sun." Pretty freaky!

The Clinton Art Center in Clinton, Michigan is hosting "Local Inspiration: A Salon Style Exhibit" and featuring a selection of may paintings along with other local artists. The show runs through December 28th. Stop by if you get the chance!

For purchase information, click here.

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