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Winter Landscapes

Time to consider painting outdoors as Winter approaches, as I plan to be a bit adventuresome this snowy season. All of my "winterscapes" are based on reference photos, as I enjoyed the peace and quiet of capturing winter scenes on camera. Now I just will need to spend more time keeping reasonably still in the cold to create a piece.

Frost Rising

Check out this article in Ithaca Times on painting outdoors. I wonder how this artist can possibly keep his fingers from going numb.

Woodland Waltz

Pastel artist Aaron Schuerr describes his adventures at Yellowstone National Park during a snowy Spring. Click here for Aaron's story.

Cross Country Craving

Some more of my winterscapes. More to come, and bring on the snow!!!

Wind Chill

Ski Tracks

For purchase information on available paintings, click here. Also, my blog readers receive 15% off on paintings (as well as free shipping available through year-end). Click here for the ETSY offer.

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