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Pastel Paintings: The Pacific Northwest (PNW) Series

I have gathered a bunch of material from a trip to Washington state, which will form my new "PNW" series of paintings. Out family hiked in the Olympic National Forest as well as in the Cascades east of Bellingham, WA. What a great trip!

Below are two small pastels. The first pastel, 10x7 inches, was inspired by a hike through the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park. I had previously thought that a rainforest was a tropical phenomenon, but now I know there are "temperate" rain forests! The pine trees in the forest were draped with thick moss and there were "nurse logs," fallen and decaying trees nursing new tree growth, just about everywhere!

This next painting, 5x7 inches, is of Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Forest. This site along Route 101. This large, placid lake and its environs were quite peaceful!

Check back soon for more paintings of the Pacific Northwest!

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