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From Barns to Beach

It's that time of the year! After traversing the countryside and the farmland around Ann Arbor, Michigan, I will be heading out to New York to do some plein air paintings of the Atlantic beach at Breezy Point, NY.

Breezy Point Dunes, Pastel, 10x13 (sold)

Breezy Point was nearly destroyed when Hurricane Sandy attacked the east coast in October, 2012. Relatives of mine living in Brooklyn detected a burning odor that evening of October 22, not realizing that it was their beach community in flames! Since then, Breezy Point has been rebuilt and also further protected from the onslaught of flooding and an angry sea should another serious storm hit the coast.

Resting My Wings, Pastel, 9x12, Palaski Collection

I plan to paint en plein air while many of my Saline and Ann Arbor-based artists head to Dexter, Michigan for the Dexter Plein Air Festival (yes I am jealous but I WILL join you some year).

A Long Walk to the Jetty, Pastel, 12x18, available

I am looking forward to the beach and hanging out with friends and family! You can check out my other Breezy Point paintings here.

So long soybeans and hello sand!!

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