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A Peak Beneath My Pastel

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Today I started a new pastel painting, inspired by a recent cross-country ski trip to Sandra Richardson Park in York Township, Michigan, just south of Ann Arbor.

The weather was clear and the sun was close to setting, and the deep blues of the shaded snow banks were simply gorgeous. Below is the reference photo:

This is a rather simple landscape, representing a few significant masses and some interesting light effects from the late-day sun.

Here's the peak behind the pastel, also known as the underpainting. Crazy, isn't it?

underpainting in acrylic for a pastel painting
Acrylic underpainting

The underpainting is acrylic. Orange was chosen for the foliage, given the late-day orange glow in the landscape. Some of the deep ultramarine blue as well as the cerulean blue will peak through the pastel once the layer of pastel depicting the snow is applied.

There's a story and a video behind this underpainting. Click here and watch!

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