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Crazy Acrylic Underpainting for Pastels

This acrylic paint underpainting for my pastel "Spirit in the Sky" appears worthy of being a painting all by itself!

It was great fun applying several shades of blue and purple to my Uart 400-grade sanded paper, in anticipation of creating a pastel painting of the reference photo seen below.

crazy acrylic underpainting

This crazy acrylic underpainting process is the subject of my YouTube video. See it happen here.

At one point, I thinned the acrylic so much that it created this dripping effect, some of which can be seen in the final painting. The underpainting values are arranged so that similar values can be applied atop the acrylic. In the final painting, some of the bold acrylic paint shows through.

The reference photo was taken on the Tolmie Peak Trail at Mt. Rainier National Park. It was early morning at the start of this six mile round trip hike with great views of Mt. Rainier.

Tolmie Peak Trail Mt. Rainier National Park

The complete pastel painting demo of "Spirit in the Sky" can be seen on the StudioSense YouTube Channel. Click here for the full demo.

Here is the final pastel painting. Please visit my shop for the original (if it is available) and other original pastel paintings and prints.

Pastel painting "Spirit in the Sky"

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