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All The Color I Could Not See

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

When I am hiking, I take plenty of photographs. As many artists realize, photographs don't capture some of those pure colors and shades that one can see with the naked eye. Travel photos can get washed out in bright sunlight, or appear black in dark, shaded areas.

"Corona Arch" a 12x16 pastel, was inspired by a photograph from a hike near Arches National Park in Utah. There was no lack of color in this sunrise scene!

e deep red, pink and purple tones of the shaded landscape contrast sharply with the brilliant sunlight as the sun rose above the hills from the upper left. Rocks are one of my favorite subjects to paint, as they can convey such unique color as well as surface marks and cracks.

"Corona Arch" pastel painting officially launches my travel season commission work. Send me your favorite landscape travel photos and I can interpret your wonderful travel memories into the pure color of pastel. For information about commissions, click here.

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