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Shades of Blue

One year ago to this day, I went on a cross-country ski jaunt to a local park. I hang a camera from my shoulder when I ski. It sometimes can be cumbersome, but it's presence keeps me from missing enticing vistas worthy of a future landscape painting.

While skiing last year, I came across a small ravine with a wooden bridge, a row of trees and deep, blue snow. This scene inspired my to paint "Shades of Blue," a 9x12 pastel painting and subject of my most watched pastel painting demo on the StudioSense YouTube Channel.

"Shades of Blue," 9x12 pastel

Shades of Blue was inspired by this trip to Sandra Richardson Park in York Township, Michigan. Soon, the snow will return, and so will I, with my skis and my camera, for more winter inspiration. You can see how Shades of Blue was created and learn various tricks of the pastel trade, by seeing the video here.

Two more paintings inspired me last winter at this park. "Snow Glow" and "Winter Sonata," both shown below.

"Snow Glow" 9x12 pastel

Snow brings out so much blue that I'm afraid I'll need to buy more blue pastels!

"Winter Sonata," 9x12 pastel.

Bring on the snow in Southeast Michigan! Snow expresses so much more color than white! Blues, pinks, orange, yellow and purple play in the sun and shadows of a snowy landscape. Hike through a snowy landscape and enjoy the color show!

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