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Wet and Wild Waterfalls

I recently completed "Torrent," inspired by a visit to Bond Falls near Ontonagon, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula. Torrent is 12x18 pastel on Uart sanded paper:

Another spectacular waterfall in the UP of Michigan is Bonanza Falls. On that July day of our visit, the water level was rather low, enabling us to walk across the slabs of slate rock in the Big Iron River.

Bonanza Falls is a 12x18 pastel:

There are many small waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. This waterfall I believe was a small cascade of a larger waterfall we visited, however, the name escapes me. What is intriguing about this scene is the reflection of the bright yellow-green mossy in the water.

But wait, there are more waterfalls. Not in the Upper Peninsula, but in the Hoosier National Forest. Below is "Toward the Hemlock Cliffs."

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is another iconic waterfall:

Abrams Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains offers a variety of cascades along its circuitous route:

I'm looking forward to adding to the waterfalls series. Check back to my website for more!

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