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Why Should You Never Trust An Artist?

They always seem to be a bit sketchy!

OK so that's a corny joke, thanks to 70+ Best Art Jokes To Gogh Look At. The reason that I am citing artist jokes is that they represent material in my latest YouTube video pastel lesson.

"Shades of Blue," 9x12 original pastel pictured below, is the subject of my nearly two hour pastel lesson. So why do I intersperse my pastel painting tips with jokes?

Because in my opinion, a two-hour pastel painting demo can be boring.

It really depends on the audience. An aspiring artist planning to explore pastels can find my tips to be very useful, and I hope that this video encourages the pastel newbie to explore the medium. An accomplished artist using a different medium such as oils can also gain some interesting tidbits of advice. But to an accomplished pastel artist, you are better off spending your time doing something else! If you can't resist, you can always increase the playing speed of the video and watch it in its entirety in half the time!

As a special offer, email me and I will send you the reference photograph so that you can paint along with the video. You can revisit the video on YouTube as much as you like, and I hope that you enjoy creating a crisp winter scene before the greens of spring arrive!

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