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Pastel Painting: Garlic "Out To Dry"

I have joyfully harvested my first collection of garlic!. After placing one clove each in about thirty raised-bed cavities in my nutrient-rich vegetable garden soil last October, I've been rewarded with an equal number of garlic bulbs.

I could not resist of course to paint a bunch of garlic bulbs hanging out to dry on my deck. Here's my soft pastel painting:

Here is a photo of a bulb lifted from the soil this morning:

After gathering a bunch (there's another small crop yet to harvest in a couple of weeks), I tied them up and hung them under an outdoor table in full shade. The garlic bulbs will settle in a dark, well-ventilated location for three weeks, after which time we can begin to spice up our homemade dishes. Here's what they look like hanging in a bunch:

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